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Windows 7 Professional Product Key for 32/64 Bit *NEW*

If your Windows Product key is not working properly or isn’t a valid Windows 7 product key then you two options in case first, you need to buy original new Windows 7 Professional Product key or you have to find out any working windows key on Google.

You have 30 days to activate your product after installing it otherwise some features may stop working properly. Genuine copy of Windows helps to prevent software Falsification.

There are several ways to activate your Windows. We will show you 3 most commonly used Windows activation method here:


Windows ActivationUsing Direct Connection and Windows 7 professional product key:

When you start the process of Windows activation, your Windows will try to find out the internet
connection. Make sure to switch on the modem to connect the internet.

Step 1: Click on Start The menu, Right click on Computer, Click on properties and now
click on Activate Windows Now

Step 2: Now Click on ‘Activation Windows Online Now’, if you machine asks for Administration password or any information type your information and hit enter.

Step 3: Now it will ask for Windows product key, Type your Product key in the box and click Next.

Windows Activation using Phone:

If you are unable to activate your a copy of Windows 7 Professional, you can find an option to activate Windows by an automated phone verification system.

Step 1: Go to start menu and right click on computer, now click on Properties and then click on Activate Windows Now.
Windows 7 Professional Product Ke
Step 2:  Now click on button ‘Show me another way to activate Windows’

Step 3: Type your Windows 7 Professional Serial Key and Click Next.

Step 4: Now Click on Use the Automated Phone System and select the location and then click Next.

Step 5: You will get an automated Computer generated call now note down Confirmation ID.

Step 6: Now provide confirmation ID no. in step 4 and activate your Windows 7.

Ok now, enough talking about Activation of Windows 7 let me give you some Working Windows 7 Professional Product keys.

Window 7 Professional Product Key 32 bit


Window 7 Professional Product Key 64 bit:


These above mentioned serial keys are working fine but in case if you are unable to find properly working Windows 7 Activation key, you can drop me a mail at [email protected], we’ll respond you in less than 24hrs with working product key.

If above mentioned Windows Activation keys are not working or outdated then you can find here some updated keys for windows 7.


UPDATE: This above product keys has been used by so many users so just try your luck if you can still find some working key other you can drop a mail on [email protected] with subject “WINDOWS KEY” and we will respond you as soon as possible.

Source: Microsoft

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